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So what is Dream Sporting Trips?

Dream Sporting Trips is an online hunting and fishing directory that makes it easy for people to search for and book the trips they want. In doing this Dream Sporting Trips has become a central marketplace for anyone looking to book or sell a hunting or fishing trip.

So your calendar isn’t quite as full as you’d like and you need to find some more customers, but how do you do it? Marketing basics tell us that you have to be where your customers are. But where are they and how do you reach them?

As you know when it comes to finding customers there are a host of different options such as tradeshows, paid search ads, social media marketing, and print ads in magazines and newspapers. How do you choose which one is going to be best for you? After all even cheap advertising is expensive if it doesn’t work.

Imagine if there was one place that all your customers went to find their next trip, a marketplace for anyone looking to find or sell a hunting or fishing trip, wouldn’t you want your business to be there?

That’s what we’ve created with Dream Sporting Trips.

How does it help me?

If all your customers are now in one easy to access place then it provides you with a cost effective way to sell your trips. Used by guides and customers both in the USA and around the world, Dream Sporting Trips is an online directory and marketing service that helps you connect with customers.

How it works

Step 1

It’s quick and easy to create your profile and don’t worry if you need a hand then we will gladly help you. With the ability to link your social media accounts, post reports and collect reviews you can give customers a true insight into what a trip with you is like.

Step 2

We’ll start marketing your listing across all of our platforms to bring potential customers to your listing. Simply put, Dream Sporting Trips helps you get the most out of your online presence. We use 60% of your subscription fee just in paid search ads for your listing, in addition to this you’ll also be represented at trade shows, across social media platforms and through print and digital ads giving you complete exposure to over 2,000,000 potential customers.

Step 3

If a customer has a question or wants to book then they talk directly to you so there’s no middleman, no confusion, and no having to constantly update a booking calendar. Oh and best of all there’s no commissions, so you keep every penny from all your bookings.

What does it cost?

3 Month Trial


One easy payment of $149

1 Year Quarterly Payments


Billed in quarterly installments of $109

Full Year


One easy payment of $399

What do I get for my money?

When you sign up to Dream Sporting Trips you'll get:

Detailed listing on our directory

Ad campaign tailored around you

Ability to post articles & reports

Support from our expert team

Ability to collect customer reviews

Exposure via social media, articles and print ads

Stats on how your listing is doing

Representation at trade shows and events

What happens if it doesn't work?

We stand by our service and that’s why we guarantee that you’ll get at least one booking throughout the course of your subscription or we will give you your money back.

Do you need marketing services?

At Dream Sporting Trips we are dedicated to helping your business thrive. In addition to the directory we also offer a full range of digital marketing and design services, so if you need help with anything from Facebook ads for your business to a new or updated website then we can help.

Join over 250 guides

Since February 2016, over 250 guides and outfitters have already joined Dream Sporting Trips and are enjoying commission free bookings.

Chris Moehring - High Country Outfitters
"Dream Sporting Trips is a great service! If you are looking for anything at all, just contact them and they can help you find it! They do the legwork and find great hunting and fishing guides and outfitters for you.”
Captain Greg Ball - Wave Dancer Charters
"What an awesome service you provide! It's like a one stop shop for all your fishing and hunting adventures! Thanks Dream Sporting Trips for all you do in connecting us with the great outdoors!! Keep up the good work!”

How do I join?

Joining is easy, our step by step guide walks you through creating your listing. Once you’re finished just select the payment plan that’s right for you and you’ll be all set to start getting bookings.

To join Dream Sporting Trips just click the button below!